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Rep. Raymond Supports Bill Addressing Texas Water Needs

AUSTIN–House Bill 4, commonly referred to as “the water bill,” passed overwhelmingly in the Texas House of Representatives with a 146-2 vote. Rep. Richard Peña Raymond, Chairman of The House Committee on Human Services, voted for the bill, which addresses the state’s water needs by creating a water bank that will provide loans for conservation projects, reservoir construction, and other initiatives to provide water for Texans for years to come.

“HB 4 is responsible legislation for the state’s water future and economic growth,” Rep. Raymond said. “And 20 percent of the money will go to conservation projects that will allow future generations to maintain their supply of clean water while protecting the environment it comes from.”

Rep. Raymond supported this responsible measure that will direct $2 billion to provide water security for all Texans, including Laredoans in the dry South Texas region. The water projects funded by this bill will keep water costs down for consumers and establish sustainable sources of water.

“Access to water is one of the most basic and important parts of life in Texas,” Rep. Raymond said. “We can’t afford not to invest in it.” 

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