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Statement by Representative Richard Peña Raymond Regarding Recorded Meeting Between Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Michael Quinn Sullivan

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“No Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives should engage in the type of actions recorded on the taped meeting between Speaker Dennis Bonnen, Chairman Dustin Burrows and Empower Texans Executive Director Michael Quinn Sullivan.

All House Members must resolve that this never happens again. I have said many times, from the front mic of the House, that I believe every member of the House of Representatives loves our state and our country and want to make both a better place for people to live. I have never questioned that simple but powerful truth.

Regrettably, today is a day which will lead Texans to have less faith in our government and political leaders. From this day forward, every member should be committed to making sure all Texans feel better about our state government and have more faith in those of us they elect to represent them.

I have always believed the most important part of serving in the House has to be trust amongst your colleagues - even though we will differ at times. I hope and believe it is still the most important thing to remember. Texans deserve nothing less.”

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