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Dem: If it quacks like a tax, it's a tax (updated)

Dallas Morning News Robert T. Garrett/Reporter All fees, surcharges and other revenue-raising measures would be classified officially as taxes under a state constitutional amendment proposed today by a veteran House Democrat. Rep. Richard Raymond, D-Laredo, said his “honesty in taxation” measure would prevent politicians — if they peppered taxpayers with higher fees for things like driver’s licenses,…

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Rep. Raymond To Introduce “Honesty in Taxation” Constitutional Amendment Identifying Fees as Taxes

State Representative Richard Peña Raymond (D-Laredo) has announced he will introduce a constitutional amendment that establishes honesty in taxation and classifies fees, surcharges and other revenue-generating measures as taxes. “Two weeks ago I met with staff members of the Legislative Council and directed them to draft the appropriate bill establishing once and for all what…

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