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Rep. Raymond with his children Aren (†), Eva and Ryan.

As State Representative for District 42 in Laredo, I am proud to have worked hard during the Regular and Specials Sessions of 2023 to pass legislation, which I know will improve the lives of all Texans.  As an original Joint Author of all the major tax relief bills we passed, especially HJR2, which will be the largest property tax cut in U.S. history, totaling $18 billion, I am proud of the hard work it took to get here.  HJR2, which will be Proposition 4 in the November 7, 2023 Election, if approved by voters, will increase the Homestead Exemption to $100,000; compress the tax rate by .11 cents (equaling $12 billion in relief for all properties); cap appraisals at 20% for all non-homestead properties worth $5 million or less; and increase the Franchise Tax exemption to $2.47 million for businesses.

I was also proud to push for passage of a cost of living adjustment for retired teachers; and billions of dollars invested in securing a reliable electric grid, establishing a Texas Water Fund for water infrastructure projects, and broadband expansion all over Texas.  These Propositions must also be approved by the voters.

I hope and pray every Texas voter will support these measures on November 7, 2023!

Richard Addresses the House Supporting Property Tax Cuts

Rep. Richard Peña Raymond:


  • Passed laws which will lower property taxes for homeowners and businesses in Laredo

  • Passed a law ensuring safe communities by stopping efforts to defund the police

  • Passed laws providing teachers, retired teachers and all school employees raises

  • Passed a law to abolish the toll on Camino Colombia

  • Passed a law which will prevent churches and other places of worship from being closed during the Pandemic

  • Passed laws placing the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" in the Texas House of Representatives Chamber and on Texas License Plates

Rep. Raymond with his two Eagle Scouts, sons Ryan and Aren (†)
Rep. Raymond with his two Eagle Scouts, sons Ryan and Aren (†)
NBC Nightly News reports on Texas Democrats breaking quorum to fight for our voting rights.
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