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Rep. Raymond Takes Oath of Office: Calls on the Legislature to Put Children First

swearing in

Rep. Richard Peña Raymond takes the oath of office on the Opening Day of the 83rd Texas Legislature

AUSTIN– Following today’s 83rd legislative session swearing in, Rep. Richard Peña Raymond (D-Laredo) called on the Legislature to put children first by fully restoring funding to education and investing in programs focused on the well-being of our kids.

“I am asking my colleagues to join me in fully restoring $5 billion to fund education. Protecting our children is our number one priority. Whether it’s fighting for good schools, their safety and security outside our homes, or child health and family worker earned services.  We must come together to protect all our children and work together to secure a safe and prosperous future for our city, state and country.” Raymond said.

In 2011 Governor Rick Perry pushed the 82nd Legislature to cut public education financing by $5.4 billion to balance the state’s two-year budget. The gutting of education funding went across the board, from pre-k through higher education. The impact of the budget reduction led to: increased class sizes, reduction of learning services and supplies and the firing of thousands of teachers, librarians and others.

“The last thing that should be cut when balancing our budget is our children,” said Rep. Raymond, who voted against the cuts in 2011. “Education is an investment in the future productivity of our children, and the State. It gives our kids the opportunity to earn a happy life by becoming a doctor, a teacher, a businessman, or whatever they find meaningful. Education is what unites us for the common good, and the destruction of education is a destruction of the bond that holds our great state together.”

The Texas Legislature will stay in session for 140 days between January and May. This is the 83rd session since Texas entered the Union in 1845.  District 42 residents are encouraged to contact Rep. Raymond and his staff in his capitol office at 512-463-0558, or district office at 956-753-7722.